Friday, October 7, 2011

i hate this day.

i'm super depressed because of our non-sense client.. i'm so down thank god there's someone to cheer me up. thanks babe ;) ate at ace water coffee lounge my favorite meatballs pasta yum;)
my favorite pasta :)
babe ordered their ace burger
we also ordered chicken quasadilla  not in the photo coz we just ate it..must try ;)
my gloomy outfit of the day all black with nude blazer to add color ;)
positive vibes!!!;)


Hell day for me, I’ve been crying almost 5 hrs in the office because of the non-sense client. She made my day. I believed that client is always right? But what if they bluff around and make so many stories that you yourself not remembering any one of them. Are you willing to say sorry even though you yourself can’t accept the fact that all of these are lies? Now tell me.  We all have limits. Same as me and I have pride too. I did not do it intentionally. If she wants me to be out, I quit. I don’t want to put my level on them. I’m sensitive with this kind of issues, because I always put my best in everything I do; I don’t want to disappoint someone. (Sorry if I disappoint you because of this) Sad to say that there are so many people that you will meet half way of your life that may leave you marks that either you’re going to love or hate it.  This one is HATE!!!  Experience is really a good teacher. Xoxo 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


this week is super hell... depression i'm so tired at the office in i wanna quit. i want to try something different my passion :( gotta start to move FORWARD.. it's really nice to go home if someone excitedly waiting for u. tootsie our baby so cute ryt?
lucky to have them.. even though they are so noisy (often) hehe..