Saturday, September 17, 2011

busy bee..

  • It’s been a while I didn’t write here. Been busy doing stuffs with our online store. Buy stuffs take picture of them check them tiring, but i'm happy doing it though.. he he.. Sad to say that I don’t always bring my cammy to take pictures everywhere. I’m just new here so it’s hard for me to adjust my routine ha-ha reasons swear I'm going to bring it all the time. Last week (sept.11,2011)we went to my ahma’s house to play pwa tong chu for the moon cake festival Chinese tradition invited friends to play. I thought I’m going to win but my achie won.  

here's the 1st batch of prizes. 
2nd batch of prizes:
i thought i gonna win 
hehe but achie beat me hehe and she won
  • sept. 14,2011 ate at manila hotel with officemates we didn't take pictures coz we were so amaze with it's food super yummy!!!:) thanks sir mike for the treat love it!!!
  • sept.16,2011 absent from work coz im super sick :( 
sept. 17,2011 went to have a bangs at tony and jacky..haha ( ill post some pictures soon) then went to megatent bazaar to observe the place saw many friends excited to have our own bazaar soon!! here's my outfit yesterday.
sorry not good in taking pictures haha.. dress-forever21, bolero-topshop 
thanks ms.mitzi reynoso of holic accessories love it!!!

till next post!!! 

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